Blogging Lesson Plan:

Age: Juniors & Seniors
Class: Adventure Studies

The adventure studies class is set up as a PE and social studies credit. During the school day the students meet just like a regular class and on the weekends we take trips. The students also keep a written journal and have to answer the questions we assign or just reflect. It might be interesting to have an online message board for the class just like this class. Of course I would also do e-mail too for the more personal thoughts.

Throughout the semester the students are rotated through many different leadership roles. The students basically run this class. For example: If we are going to Devils Lake (rock climbing) two students are assigned the responsibility of being the host. These students will research how to get there, rules, weather, and history. Two other students would be responsible for the cooking recipes and food needed for the trip. Two more students are responsible for entertainment at the fire. The students could start the bloggs with this information so everyone could see it. When we return from the trip the students instead of responding only in their journal they could have to make 3 posts.

Sample Bloggs to respond to:

1). Equipment Tips and Hints
a) Layering
b) Blisters
c) Tents
d) Sleeping warm
e) Orientation
f) Rain gear
g) Lights
h) Boots
i) Packs
j) Misc.
2). Recipes & Cooking Tips
3). History of destinations
a). Indoor Climbing
b). Iron Oaks Ropes Course
c). Paul Woulfe State Park
d). Devil’s Lake
e). Mississippi Palisades
f). Kettle Moraine North
g). Shawnee
4). Games for Fire
5). How was the Trip
a). Positives
b). Negatives
c). Interesting things
6). Who had Exhibition behavior Shout Out!
7). First Aid
a) Hydration
b) Hypothermia
c) Fire
d) Gas Safety

8). Leave No Trace

9). Misc.

The grades would be based on 12 points (3post 4 points each).
4 points for good information pertaining to the topic.
2 points random not much thought
0 did not do.