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are new ways to deliver services to more students, staff and parents than a school counselor could reach in individual, small group, or even large group guidance sessions. As the the number of students assigned to school counselors increases, the counselor must find new and innovative ways to get information delivered. Students are already involved in Web2.0 technology so why not take advantage of that and put information out in ways they will be comfortable getting it.

Blogs can be used to post informaton or presentations that students or parents miss because they could not attend something. School Counselors can use their own blogs to link students to informative blogs about: choosing a college, college athletics, college scholarships, career choices, cybersafety, blogging safely, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. They can use blogging when networking with other counselors and publicizing the enormous needfor more School Counselors.


More blogs about financial aid can be found on the following page.

Mrs. Becky Hoyt attended a workshop last fall called "Inside Generation Online" where she learned a lot about what the generations are doing online. She also learned that Guidance Counselors are not communicating with parents as well as they could. She set up a blog to enhance her communication with students, staff, and parents. She also has a Guidance web site which her student aide helps her update. Check out the Blog link on her Guidane page to see who else is blogging from her school.

School Counselors in Downers Grove, Illinois, also wanted a way to reach more student, staff, and parents so they put together a Web 2.0 setup on Blackboard.

Search other guidance web sites or guidance lesson plan web sites for more guidance information you can add to your guidance counseling blog.