Activity 7-A-1

Group For Connectivism: Ginny, Kathy, Mike C., Jerry, Kelly
Group Against Connectivism: Mary, Tom, Mike S., Julie, Tammy

Connectivism Position Pages
[Small Group Wiki]
Your group will be assigned to a position either for or against connectivism. On your group wiki, you will collect resources and summarize arguments either in support of connectivism or critiquing it.
  1. Read both Verhagen’s criticism of connectivism and Siemens’ response to Verhagen. (Links can be found in Key Information.)
  2. Research connectivism further, using online or offline resources available to you.
  3. Use your wiki to build a position page either for or against connectivism. You may consider any of the following questions to help focus your research:
    • Is connectivism a learning theory?
    • Is connectivism relevant to your teaching practice? If so, how?
    • Does connectivism support your students?
    • Are parts of the theory more compelling or relevant to you than others?
    • Are there parts of the theory which you find confusing?
  4. Cite all sources. Provide links on the wiki whenever possible. Your group's position page should include at least 6-8 additional sources (not counting the two articles from the Key Information for this topic).
  5. Use the discussion page within the wiki to collaborate with other members of your group.