Habit 6 Synergy

The scenario:
A marketing class has been divided into small group of six. Each member is assigned to a staff member. The group needed to come up with a product and market it.
The group challenges:
What would be the focus?
The group decided to use athletics as their focus. They decided that in a large school it is very difficult to create a sense of togetherness, but yet at colleges some schools have amazing student sections.
What would be the product?
The group decided T-shirts.
What would we put on the T-shirt?
The group knew the design had to be simple, but cool.
They wanted school colors a dark green shirt with gold lettering.
Do we target one sport or all sports?
The group decided to do all sports, but focus on the upcoming basketball play-offs of a girls team that only had 2 loses to Hinsdale Central (ranked 2) all season) and a boys program that is undefeated in conference. Then there is a transition into the girls soccer season that has a great fan base from last years state champions and returning two all-americans.
What would be a good name for our fan base?
The school masscott is the warriors, so TRIBE. They gathered designs and asked their friends which they like and this one was the best:
Where do we get them printed for cheap?
The group leader, the head soccer coach, has a screener in her basement. (maybe that is why she was selected to have a group cheap labor)

Motivation for promotion:
Make it a win/win/win/win/win situation
Win for group leader making all the shirts is the soccer coach: $1.00 of every shirt sold goes to the soccer program.
Win for soccer players: fans & $ & team building making and selling the shirts
Win for basketball coaches & players: Fans at the play-offs
Win for marketing students: successful marketing of shirts= A on project & having fun selling a "cool" product
Win for school: Sense of belonging
Win for students: the shirt is cheap & "cool" & games are fun.

Game Plan:
The team agreed that they needed to get athletes on board 1st. The head basketball coaches promoted and convienced their athletes that this only helps them and all the players in the boys and girls program including coaches purchased a shirt. They were our poster children. Next the group approached other popular attended teams (soccer, baseball, football). The group used the grassroots selling style. They sold them out of their backpacks keeping it secretive, underground and "cool"status. The felt the next target student council. The went to their advisory. Went to the remaining regular season basketball games.Then the pep band. Needless to say the "cool" factor was in affect. The supplier was struggling to keep up with the demands...4 day over 450 shirts sold. The next step is getting it to our freshman campus. Once again they talked to the coaches. All freshman athletes were instructed by their coaches to to wear the shirt on Friday to school and tell their friends to bring money on Monday to lunch. They did bring 50 samples to the campus and sold out after 45 mins. They also got the PE teachers (coaches) to buy and wear them on Friday. The PE teacher have all students and great "cool status" (he he). The group has secured a spot in the newspaper to show the logo and list the TRIBE EVENT(s). They also have a promotion video to be aired the day before the 1st Home basketball game during advisory.
Here is the link for an Ipod Commercial for download:(it is right below the tribe logo) http://web.mac.com/bergstromjulie13/WVSOCCER/HOME.html

They plan to make it more public now, by setting up and table in the lunch room after the video airs and the day of the targeted game (Tues feb. 26th at WV if you are interested Ginny). They also plan to sell shirts at the game.
Poster will be placed to announce the game is a TRIBE event "green out" the gym.

Other options for future may be:
Myspace or facebook
Other products
Public Relation positions for soccer team to keep this rolling.
Soccer coach on board.

Here is the lesson plan:
After reading the above scenario list how were the 7 Habits of a Effective Leader interlaced in this project?
List the top 5 most important choices the group made to help try and create synergy?