Multimedia Lesson Plan: Group Two

~created by: Tammy, Mary, & Kelly

Title: "This I Believe"

Grade: 12
Subject: English
  • Students will reflect on the values they hold.
  • Students will write a narrative that illustrates what they value or believe and post it to the forum on Moodle.
  • Students will present the narrative orally in the form of a podcast, which will be posted along with the script of the podcast to moodle for "public" airing to classmates.
  • Students will respond to the work of their classmates in the discussion forum of Moodle.

Standards: See how this lesson aligns to the Pennsylvania State Standards


While reading Beowulf and Sir Gawaine and The Green Knight, the class discusses the values and belief systems of the people of early England. This is an interesting discussion, because many of the things that were praised by the Anglo-Saxons are actually disparaged in the modern realm. There are also those values which we hold in common with the Anglo-Saxons. Students will reflect personally on what they value/believe. After listening to samples from the NPR podcast series This I Believe, students will write a narrative, which becomes the script for their own podcasts. Once they have written their scripts, they record them using Garageband, a program in Apple's software package iWork . (There are other free recording programs that can be downloaded or used online). During the recording session, the students do several "takes" as they practice the oral presentation until they are happy with the recorded product and are ready to post it, along with the script, to Moodle. Students can then view the work of other classmates' narratives and listen to the podcasts and give their reactions in the forum.


This I Believe: click on the image below to learn about this international project. This link will direct both the student and the teacher to several resources that will be helpful in the completion of this project.

NPR for Educators


  • Laptops with recording software and microphone
  • Laptops with internet connection to Moodle

  • A Rubric for scoring this assignment can be found here.

"This I Believe" logo used by permission from NPR for educational/non--profit purposes