Kathy & Mike's Multimedia Lesson Plan: Lab Safety in the Science Classroom


  • Students will observe and discuss the basic rules and regulations of lab safety in the science classroom.
  • Students will watch a video podcast of these rules and regulations provided by TeacherTube.
  • Students will apply and reflect upon the lab safety rules and regulations


In most high school science courses, the students are required to perform various lab activities to provide an opportunity for stduents to apply recently aquired knowledge and impliment the basic strategies of scientific investigation. There are basic rules that must be followed in order to provide the safest laboratory environment for everyone in the classroom. These 6 simple rules will provide a safe laboaratory experience: (1) Always wear your goggles, (2) Long hair must be pulled back, (3) Bulky clothing or loose jewelry must be removed or secured, (4) No food or drink is permitted in the lab, (5) Shoes must cover the entire foot, and (6) know how to use and quickly locate standard laboratory safety equipment.


Class Instruction:

As a class, brainstorm on this topic : "Why lab investigations are important to learning process of science?". In small groups, have the class list and discuss possible safety hazards in the laboratory environment. The small groups should combine into larger groups and discuss the significance of each hazard and how the hazard may be avoided. After the large group discussion, the class should set the knowldege objectives for the videopodcast.

Outside of Class Assignment:

Students will view the video podcast of lab safety as presented on TeacherTube by the end of the first full week of school. Afterwards, the students will need to post a comment on the class blog stating in their own words if in their opinion, each of the stated knowldege objectives was met. If they feel a specific knowlege objective was not met, they should communicate with their large group and locate another school appropriate site which will complete the learning objectives. In the blog, the student must rate the movie for information content, entertainment quality, and pace the information is presented at. Furthermore, students will need to select which lab safety rule they consider most important and defend their answer. The will need to post a response to at least two other student comments. This assignment will be the laboratory grade for the course. Finally, the students will need to complete the online quiz with a 90% before they are able to participate in science labs.

Lab Safety Test:

Click here for test to complete


Weaver, E. (2007, 08, 20). TeacherTube. Retrieved February 15, 2008, from Lab Safety Web site: http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=3e7fce3136e510b0a9a3

Additional Sites for Resources:

About.com http://chemistry.about.com/library/weekly/blsafetyquiz.htm
YouTube www.youtube.com