Group Multimedia Plans

Group One: Mike S., Kathy
Group Two: Kelly, Mary, Tammy
Group Three: Jerry, Tom
Group Four: Mike C., Ginny, Julie

Multimedia Lesson Plan
[Group Wiki]
In your small group, develop a lesson plan which integrates at least one of the following multimedia Web publishing tools:
  • Podcasts
  • Screencasts
  • Vodcasts
  • Flickr
Your plan may include students responding to works created by you (the teacher) or others, or you may outline how students will create and share their own multimedia works. Resources are available in Key Information to provide ideas.
Be sure to include an objective explaining what you expect your students to accomplish using these tools. If you plan to use any specific online resources (such as a podcast to which your students will respond), please provide links to those resources. Please identify the grade(s) and subject(s) for your lesson plan.
Create your lesson plan on a new page in your group wiki. Use the discussion area of the wiki to collaborate with your group.
Learning Activity 6-D-2Small Group Self-Assessment
[Submit Assignments]
  • Use the Small Group Self-Assessment Rubric in the Course Guide to assess your participation and contribution to 6-D-2: Multimedia Lesson Plan.
  • Indicate the number of points you think you earned for each category (Contribution, Attitude, Working with Others, and Time Management) along with a brief explanation. Cite specific examples as necessary.
  • Post your self-assessment to Submit Assignments** for your facilitator to read.