Learning Activity 8-D-1

Lessson Plans:
Mike C.
Mike S.

Teaching Safe Behavior

[Individual Wiki Submission]

Develop a lesson plan which outlines how you will teach students safe, responsible behavior for one Read/Write Web technology you will use in your classroom.
Your lesson plan should include the following:
  • Objective or goal of the lesson
  • Technology which will be used (blogs, wikis, RSS, Flickr, etc.)
  • Brief explanation of how the technology will be used
  • Description of what behavior is expected of students
  • Process or steps for teaching (i.e., what you will actually do in the classroom)
  • What actions you will take and how you expect your students to respond if they find inappropriate content
  • Citations for any sources used, if applicable
Post your lesson plan on the course wiki in the area your instructor has prepared for lesson plans. Give feedback to at least two of your classmates through the discussion page for their lesson. In your feedback, include at least one aspect of the lesson you feel is very strong and one suggestion for improvement.

Learning Activity 8-D-2

Permission Letter
[Individual Wiki Submission]
Parent communication, involvement, and permission are important to the success of class projects using Read/Write Web technology.
  1. Review the sample blog permission letter in one of the following locations:
  2. Using this letter as an example, compose your own parent permission letter. This letter should correspond to the technology in your Lesson Plan for Activity 8-D-1 (i.e., if your lesson plan is about safety using Flickr, this permission letter should explain how your students will use Flickr).
  3. Post your permission letter to the wiki with your lesson plan.
  4. Provide feedback to at least one classmate through the discussion pages on the wiki.